Usual health problems during the Camino

When walking the Camino during several successive days, it is not unusual to face some health difficulties. These are some of the issues you can experience during your journey in the Camino: Read more

Nine tips to walk the Camino

The Camino has taught us many things throughout the years. We would like to share them with you to make your journey much smoother. Read more

When is the best time to do the Camino?

Three out of four pilgrims choose to walk the Camino de Santiago during summer. The reasons are obvious; summer is the time of year when most people, including students, have time off. And besides, the good weather is almost guaranteed most of the season. Read more

A Journey to You!

Remember that the Camino is neither a marathon nor a track where people’s resistance is put to the test. Rather, it is a lesson or a test of your physical and mental limits. Read more

The Camino de Santiago in the Middle Ages

The Camino de Santiago has always been a way to show the culture and traditions of the different regions and countries throughout Europe. Read more