Plants and Natural Remedies for Pilgrims

Historically, Pilgrims have used several kinds of plants and natural remedies for curative purposes when walking the Camino. We’ll talk about some of them: Read more

The Credential or Pilgrim’s Passport

The Pilgrim’s Credential used to be a document given to pilgrims during the Middle Ages as a safeguard for the Camino. Read more

Doing the Camino with kids

Are you considering in doing the Camino with your children? The good news is the Way to Santiago is kids friendly as long as you plan your journey in advance and of course find the adequate accommodations.

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The “Holy Door” and the “Holy Years”

The Holy Door is located in the rear area of ​​the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, at the Quintana Square. This door is also called the “forgiveness door”, and the main goal for all the pilgrims arriving in Santiago is to enter through it to earn the Jubilee.

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