A few things that weigh less and will make your Camino more comfortable

Although you can perfectly do the Camino de Santiago without them, these are some useful, light weight items that you should carry in your backpack.

Safety pins: They will be very useful for hanging your clothes to dry whether in the hostel, hotel rooms or on your backpack while you walk.
Ear plugs: When spending the night in a hostel, the snoring of a roommate preventing you from sleeping will be very usual, ear plugs will prove useful.
A plug splitter: The electric outlets are scarce, it’s very likely that when you need one the most, it will be in use. A plug splitter will prove very useful.
A roll of toilet paper: Although all the hostels have toilet paper, sometimes they run out. Having at least one roll will also serve in case you need to relieve yourself during your walk.
Ziploc bags (freezer bags): It is advisable to keep clean clothes and documentation in Ziploc bags, simply to avoid them getting wet.
Buen Camino!
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