A Journey to You!

Remember that the Camino is neither a marathon nor a track where people’s resistance is put to the test. Rather, it is a lesson or a test of your physical and mental limits.

The real path is inside you, the one that could help to find your inner self and transform your life for good.

In order to complete this pilgrimage, you need to understand that time is a gift we are given. If you let yourself be overwhelmed by the rush, you will risk the fact of passing through the Camino instead of allowing it to pass by you.

Pack your backpack lightly, and do not forget that the most important luggage is your sensitivity and inclination for search. Start the walk without predispositions towards people and pilgrims from other countries, or to the religious roots of the pilgrimage. Above all, be humble and free.

A pilgrim who does not have the capability to appreciate the simplest event is not able to perceive the essence of things. Open your eyes to the landscape, monuments, sensibility and gratitude of people who offer their hospitality, and look at the stars with humility. Respect and learn to read Nature, she can teach you and help you a lot, you are part of it.

During the pilgrimage, do not lock yourself. Make your way an endless discovery. Come out of you and connect with others; express your experience. Sometimes a mumbled song will give you strength, and at times, silence will be the best companion, it will help you to think about your life in depth.

Buen Camino!

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