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The Portuguese Way

The pilgrimage from Portugal to Santiago de Compostela is a journey with lots of history. Its origins are in the Middle Ages, the route followed closely the ancient Roman roads of Lusitania and Gallaecia, but nowadays on many sections you will have to walk along a modern road.

The Burgos Cathedral

Our Lady of Burgos, or Burgos Cathedral, was begun in the 13th century, around the same time as the great cathedrals of the Ile-de-France; it was completed in the 15th -16th century. The last works of importance were built in the 18th century, in which the main facade was modified.

How is the food on the Camino?

Unquestionably, enjoying the local cuisine is one of the main reasons to love the Camino. However, it is advisable to eat small amounts on many occasions during your walk, as well as to hydrate frequently. Walking all day not only makes you hungry but gives you a free pass to eat whatever you want. So, […]