The Original Way (Camino Primitivo)

The “Original Way” is the oldest route to Santiago de Compostela, it is allegedly the path taken by the first reported pilgrim, the King Alfonso II of Asturias in the year 814 AD, when the tomb of the Apostle was first discovered in Compostela. Read more

The Portuguese Way

The pilgrimage from Portugal to Santiago de Compostela is a journey with lots of history. Its origins are in the Middle Ages, the route followed closely the ancient Roman roads of Lusitania and Gallaecia, but nowadays on many sections you will have to walk along a modern road. Read more

Should I train before walking the Camino?

Walking about 15 miles per day for a month can seem like quite a challenge, but if you follow an adequate preparation a few months in advance of your Camino de Santiago, you will do it at ease. Read more

The Burgos Cathedral

Our Lady of Burgos, or Burgos Cathedral, was begun in the 13th century, around the same time as the great cathedrals of the Ile-de-France; it was completed in the 15th -16th century. The last works of importance were built in the 18th century, in which the main facade was modified. Read more

How do I do my laundry during the Camino?

Thousands of doubts can come up when you decide to walk the Camino for the first-time. Some of them will be related to how to do your laundry during the journey. Read more

How is the food on the Camino?

Unquestionably, enjoying the local cuisine is one of the main reasons to love the Camino. However, it is advisable to eat small amounts on many occasions during your walk, as well as to hydrate frequently. Walking all day not only makes you hungry but gives you a free pass to eat whatever you want. So, once the walk for the day is over, you can eat a more copious meal to regain strength and enjoy the local specialties. Read more

Tips to avoid foot blisters during the Camino

When you walk the Camino for the first time, one of the major fears is having blisters on your feet. Despite being a minor health problem, it is convenient to take some precautions to try and avoid them. Read more

A few things that weigh less and will make your Camino more comfortable

Although you can perfectly do the Camino de Santiago without them, these are some useful, light weight items that you should carry in your backpack.

Read more

What are the motivational factors that inspire pilgrims to do the Camino

Just over a third of those who walk the Camino confess to do so for religious reasons, according to a report by the Institute of Tourism Studies of Galicia. Read more

Is the Camino safe?

Hiking the Camino de Santiago is a wonderful and highly recommended experience, but have you ever wondered if it’s safe? Read more