Nine tips to walk the Camino

The Camino has taught us many things throughout the years. We would like to share them with you to make your journey much smoother.

  • If you pack light you will go light; most experts advise not to exceed 10% of your body weight. We recommend going even lighter. We have noticed that people with 35-liter backpacks seem to have an easier time walking.


  • Keep it basic, get rid of unnecessary stuff. You will think you need a lot of things, but you don’t. Anyway, you will find plenty of stores along the way.


  • This is Your Way to Santiago, you must enjoy each step of every path, do not rush it. Hurrying will only exhaust you, and it can also cause pain and injury. Remember to enjoy your journey.


  • Prepare yourself for a wide range of different terrains and changing weather. Uphill, downhill, rocks, grass, pavement, etc. It is never the same. It will also be windy, cold, hot, and sometimes all these weather changes in the same day. Make sure to try out your garments before starting the way.


  • Meet new people: You will bump into some other pilgrims frequently. You are not meant to talk to everyone, but we recommend you talk to some of them, make new friends and learn new things.


  • Do not forget to bring enough water and some healthy snacks. Sometimes the distance between villages can be significant. Also, during certain times of the day or certain week days some places could be closed.


  • Always carry cash with you. Most places along the Camino will not take debit or credit cards.


  • Lunch and dinners: You will find bars and restaurants all along the Camino where you can eat for 10 to 15 euros. If you plan on cooking, make sure you get your items before stores close. Some grocery stores close as early as 6 PM, and some of them will close during lunchtime.


  • As the locals say: “No vino, no Camino”. You are in Spain, so you should enjoy its wines. The Camino crosses through some of the best wine regions in Spain such as: Navarra, La Rioja, Ribera del Duero or Toro.


Buen Camino!

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