Spiritual awakening!

What I’ve experienced while in the Camino, spiritual awakening!

You can never imagine how an adventure will turn until you actually embark in it. For me it all started several years ago when I heard someone talk about this amazing path, “El Camino de Santiago de Compostela”. I would have never thought that this would turn the way it did…amazing of course.

I started at St-Jean, I can describe the first day as simply normal; my mind was still very busy thinking and wondering millions of things. This happened in the second and third day as well, but something clicked on the fourth day, I can say that my thoughts stopped, I wasn’t so blurred by the millions of thoughts in my head anymore. Instead, when my mind was empty, I started to enjoy the sounds of nature, the smells, the views, and of course the people I encountered along the way… Then and only then, my experience started and the rest of my days were filled with living in the present moment and enjoying things as they came. Some days I thought, wow, this is exactly how life is, we are always stressed about beginnings and worried about endings, the same for the Camino, in the beginning of the stage you will complete, you wonder: is it going to be hard?..And ask yourself million other questions, just to realize that it all passes and you find yourself in the end of the stage with many positive things to add to your life experience.

After walking the Camino, I learned two amazing things to live by: No matter what you think you are experiencing, it is all in the mind, when you focus on the present moment, seek to see things and feel from inside you, the answers are there and you are at peace. The second, everything ends, there is no need to worry because in life, all is in constant renewal, always.

Buen Camino!

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