Usual health problems during the Camino

When walking the Camino during several successive days, it is not unusual to face some health difficulties. These are some of the issues you can experience during your journey in the Camino:

  • Foot blisters: They can be avoided by using the correct footwear. Shoes must be comfortable and breathable, never use new shoes, they should always be well adapted to your feet. It is also very important to use very good cotton socks. It is not advisable to take hot showers before starting the walk; this is to avoid getting the skin too soft. It is also recommended to place your feet in cold water with salt every day, once the journey is over.


  • Muscle contractures and stiffness: You can avoid the contractures by warming up well before starting the hiking; always walk at your own pace. It is also advisable to stop and perform some stretches every few miles, or when you feel muscle tension in your legs. At the end of each stage, it would be ideal to get a massage.


  • Twists and tendinitis: To recover from a twist and tendinitis, it is essential to rest. Likewise, it will help if you apply a cold bag of ice to reduce the inflammation. It is also very advisable to bring any analgesic/anti-inflammatory gel to alleviate the pain. If your injuries do not improve in a couple of days, you must see a doctor.


  • Dehydration: You should avoid walking during the hottest hours of day, and you must drink plenty of water during your walk. You do not have to buy bottled water, you can fill your jug up with tap water where you stop. In case of loss of consciousness or mental confusion, you should immediately go to the nearest health center.


  • Sunburns: You can avoid them by using a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. But once you have sunburn, it is important to wash the area with cold water, and apply profuse moisturizing emulsion.


  • Gastroenteritis: Symptoms are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. This could be prevented by drinking potable or bottled water and washing fruits and vegetables well. When it happens, rest will be necessary, and it is recommended not to eat anything for at least 24 hours.


  • Athlete’s foot: To avoid it, it is important to wear rubber sandals when in the shower. It is also necessary to dry your feet well so that there is no moisture between your toes.

Buen Camino!

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